Struggling with Diabetes,
High Blood Sugars or Weight?
Ready for a Change?

The Diabetes Coach Approach is your 24/7 resource for blood sugar solutions that work.

My name is Janet Sanders, and I am excited to introduce my virtual coaching center dedicated to conquering blood sugar health concerns!

As a Certified Health Counselor, I provide coaching solutions that will empower you to normalize your blood sugars and experience a lifetime of vibrant health. As a Type 2 Diabetic, I understand your challenges, and have developed my programs to meet them on every level.

The coaching center provides everything from Group Coaching, Platinum 1:1 Coaching to Personalized Kitchen Pantry Makeovers. All courses are conveniently offered on-line (with integrated coaching support) and all are mobile ready so that you can literally get coaching assistance anywhere you have a phone, tablet or laptop.

You Deserve a Coach. Your Health is that Important.

Despite all our efforts, more people continue to die from diabetes than from breast cancer and aids combined. Chronic blood sugar health issues and complications, such as heart disease and stroke, are on the rise and showing no signs of slowing down.

When athletes, celebrities, and business professionals face tough situations, they don't go it alone. They hire a coach as part of their arsenal. WHY?

Because they know that information without action is a path to nowhere.

Healing a chronic illness is no different.

In fact, experts are finally embracing coaching as a valuable addition to medical care.

Why the Diabetes Coach Approach?

My programs take a holistic approach that will literally change your body for the better from the inside-out and empower you to take action when life and food cravings get in the way. My programs are flexible, affordable and designed for success.
All of our programs take a three pronged approach based on my proprietary 8 Step coaching system that includes:

  • EDUCATION: I am going to provide you with all the information you need so that you know what to do to control blood sugars. You will get an easy to follow food plan. No counting, weighing, or measuring. You will learn how to stick to an exercise routine, manage chronic stress and much more.
  • GUIDANCE: Then I am going to go a step further and show you how to change your daily habits to get results. This is where our program really shines. What good does information do if you are left on your own to figure out how to take action to actually follow through?

  • SUPPORT: Finally, I am going to hold your hand and guide you through each action step until you reach your goal. I want you to succeed, and I will stick with you throughout the entire process with coaching sessions, discussion forums and other interactive tools .

My Coaching Programs are Science Based

My 8 Step Blood Sugar & Diabetes Coaching System is a commonsense and comprehensive program solidly based on well documented, expert approaches that:

  • Address the underlying causes of high blood sugars
  • Empower you to actively participate in your own care
  • Incorporate proven change principles to motivate you for the long term, and
  • Provide the education and tools you need to take action and stay on track
  • You continue to work with your physician/health care team, and I provide the complimentary coaching program for success. My approach is a win-win for everyone


You CAN control your blood sugars. And, you can get started right away with my F.R.E.E Coaching Report:

Top 10 Tips for Going Sugar & Flour Free
with delicious foods your body will love.
(even if you are time pressed & hate to cook)

The Report is jam packed with practical information and resources that will jumpstart your action plan to conquer diabetes, control cravings and make lifestyle changes at a pace that is comfortable for you.


When you request your F.R.E.E Report before December 26th, I will also include a companion collection of Coach N' Cook Recipes to help you get started. More than just recipes, Coach n' Cook provides all sorts of useful information to help you incorporate new foods into your daily routine.

Choosing a coaching program is an important decision, and I understand that you want to feel confident that the coaching you choose is right for you.

  • I invite you to check out my BIO and Program Testimonials. You can learn more about my training as a Certified Health Counselor, my background as a coach, author and motivational speaker as well as my experience turning my Type 2 diabetes around.
  • Join us on one of our Evening Chats in December where you will have the opportunity to check out my approach and ask questions. To sign up and get the schedule CLICK HERE.
And remember, there is a wealth of useful information in the virtual coaching center to support you whenever you have questions and need answers. A work in progress, the center will continue to change and grow to meet your needs today and tomorrow---we are here when you need us for lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime.

Janet Sanders Certified Diabetes Coach
Janet Sanders, The Diabetes Coach, is a Type 2 Diabetic, Author and Certified Health Counselor specializing in healthy weight loss, diabetes and pre-diabetes coaching. Click Here to learn more.
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