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My name is Janet Sanders, and I am excited to introduce my virtual coaching site dedicated to conquering blood sugar health concerns!

Like so many of the great sites on the Internet, this center is the outgrowth of a personal experience that started with the search for a solution to my own health issues and led to a career in health and blood sugar coaching.

The Challenge

As a Type 2 diabetic and Certified Health Coach, a number of powerful lessons learned over the years inspired me to go beyond offering personal health coaching to designing a virtual coaching center.

  • Information without action is a path to nowhere: There is no shortage of information on the subject of blood sugar control. The problem is that information can be a very seductive path to avoidance because reading books/blogs or going to a class are relatively easy activities. Following through is the hard part. Without ACTION information alone doesn't get you anywhere.

  • Old habits die hard. Chronic blood sugar conditions can be managed or even totally turned around. BUT,short term fixes or white knuckled dieting won't work for the long term. I learned quickly that as soon as you go back to old habits, high blood sugars will come back with a vengeance. (and serious complication may soon follow)

  • You don't have to be diabetic to benefit from blood sugar coaching. Millions of people have conditions such as insulin resistance or pre-diabetes, and the numbers are growing.

  • It takes a team to be successful. Many people mistakenly think that coaching is a replacement for medical care or that if they are working with a nutritionist or Certified Diabetes Educator, then coaching has no value. Neither of these two viewpoints are correct.

    FIRST, It is absolutely critical that you work closely with your physician and your entire medical team. Coaching complements their instructions by providing motivation and practical guidance so that you can put their instructions into practice.

    SECOND, in addition to their physician, many individuals work with BOTH a nutritionist and/or CDE and a health coach (CDE's/Nutritionists provide needed education/guidance while the health coach adds a practical/motivational element to a person's wellness plan).

    Health coaching is also an excellent follow up activity after education classes or other nutrition/CDE programs are completed to ensure successful follow through. Or, because blood sugar issues are chronic, many find they benefit from coaching down the road when additional support is needed.

To address all these issues, I developed a coaching system that combines information, action and coaching support. But, I knew that still wasn't enough.

To have an impact, the next step was to create an empowering coaching community where anyone, any place can find the magic combination of information and coaching support whenever they need it. and without leaving home to get it.

The Solution

We all know we should eat more veggies, cut out the "white stuff" and exercise more. Unfortunately, "simple" is not always "easy", especially when life and food cravings get in the way. That's where coaching comes in. It supplies the missing piece that empowers you to TAKE ACTION to overcome the challenges you face every day.

The Diabetes Coach Approach programs go beyond telling you WHAT to do by guiding you step-by-step towards your goals and showing you HOW to overcome obstacles, put new habits into practice, and make lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime.

My proprietary 8 Step Blood Sugar & Diabetes Coaching System is a commonsense and comprehensive program solidly based on a well documented, expert approach that is both empowering, and flexible. It is designed to jumpstart your journey towards a more balanced physical state and to supply the ongoing motivation that will enable you to take action and stay on track.

In the process,you are going to learn how to unleash the power of whole foods to attack the underlying causes of roller coaster blood sugars and get off of the dieting merry-go-round for good.

In case you are wondering if I have given you this big build up only to let you down when you find out how expensive this program is, now is a good time to tell you that my passion is helping as many people as I can turn their health around.

I am not a big fan of charging membership fees to get information that you need. That's why my coaching programs are purposely affordable.

There are no "gotchas". You can access any of the information in the Welcome Center, Resource Library and Crave Control Kitchen anytime.

When you need coaching support you can go to the Coaching Center and select the workshops and programs that work for you and pay for your courses as you go. And if you are not satisfied with any program you order, every program is always backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Take the Next Step...You CAN turn your health around.

If you are curious about learning the secrets to conquering cravings, balancing your blood sugars and freeing yourself from habits that sabotage your health, I invite you take a "sneak peak" into my 90 Day Blood Sugar Breakthrough program which is based upon my exclusive LIVE FREE Blood Sugar Coaching System.

Enter your e-mail address in the opt-in box at the top of this page or Click Here to recieve my F.R.E.E. Tele-Seminar "Blood Sugar Blues" and discover why blood sugar issues are a world-wide epidemic and why coaching is a missing link in helping individuals achieve their health goals.

We have lots of coaching tips and tools to help you take action. So please feel free to browse through our Site or Click on any of the topics below to learn more and begin your journey towards vibrant health.

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