Life Changing Diabetes Coaching
for Blood Sugar Control

If diabetes has you down, and you are tired of struggling to control high blood sugars, I am on a mission to help you conquer diabetes and get your life back in 90 days!.

Forget diets that only work in the short term, giving up all things sweet, or white knuckling it until you break. If you are ready to try something new, I am going to teach you something no one has up to now. How to clear away the roadblocks to blood sugar control so that you can put yourself in the driver's seat and enjoy vibrant health.

My name is Janet Sanders, and I am a Type 2 diabetic and Certified Health Coach that totally understands how challenging blood sugar control can be. That is why my coaching practice is dedicated to providing state of the art, affordable blood sugar & diabetes coaching that is designed for long term success. You can learn more about my story and credentials HERE

My coaching programs fill the gap between traditional education and "diet" programs that only half solve the problem because they don't show you how to eliminate the roadblocks to success. My coaching programs take a different approach with a comprehensive success system designed specifically for:

  • Diabetics
  • Pre-diabetics
  • Anyone struggling with high blood sugars and/or insulin resistance related weight gain who wants to heal their body and experience vibrant health.

What is offered?:

  • Coaching & Support: My Fast Track to Diabetes Control coaching program will show you how to Take Back Your Life in 90 Days.

    Every step of the way, we tackle the road blocks that keep most diabetics stuck, such as How to Satisfy a Constant Desire for Sweets & Flour Products( bread, pasta, cookies, etc.) Without Resorting to Sugar Laden Candy, Desserts & Other Highly Refined Carbohydrates.

    Diets and "sugar busting" programs don't work, in large part because the desire for sweet tasting foods is totally natural. The only way to control blood sugars for the long term is to attack the underlying causes of diabetes while at the same time satisfying your sweet cravings with alternatives to "added" sugar found in most refined foods and alternatives to types of flour that cause high blood sugar spikes.

    Deprivation is a recipe for failure. That is why you will learn what to eat to feel totally satisfied and how to change habits that sabotage your health -- and all without dieting. Yes, you can finally get off of the dieting merry-go-round for good.

    Yes, Yes, Yes. You can have dessert. You will learn how to make lots of delicious treats along the way. All without refined sugar and the types of flours that cause major blood sugar spikes.

  • Education & Learning Resources: The Diabetes Coach Approach Workbook contains all of the information in an easy to read format that is taught in our coaching programs. It is provided with each program or it can be purchased separately HERE...

    Other resources include the DCA Blog, Resource Library and "Crave Control Kitchen" where you will find unique Coach N' Cook Recipes and guidance for making over your kitchen pantry to support healthy blood sugars.
  • Coaching Excellence: DCA Coaching programs are science-based, flexible, affordable and incorporate Janet Sander's proprietary blood sugar coaching system.

    All programs are led by Janet Sanders: Certified Health & Diabetes Coach, Author, Certified Meditation Instructor, Certified Dance Fitness Instructor, Attorney, Personal Change Management Expert, and Type 2 Diabetic.
  • Convenience: All programs are conveniently offered on-line and are mobile ready so that you can get coaching assistance anywhere you have a phone, tablet or laptop.

Why Coaching for Blood Sugar Control?

You can't control high blood sugars with medication or education alone. Ongoing support is critical, but doctors can only meet with their patients for 15 minutes a few times a year. Education programs and dietary plans are helpful in the short term.

When athletes, celebrities, and business professionals face tough situations, they don't go it alone. They hire a coach as part of their arsenal. WHY? Because they know that information without action is a path to nowhere, and the experts are finally catching up -- embracing coaching as a valuable addition to medical care.

Bottom Line: Coaching PROVIDES A POWERFUL ADDITION to medical care and traditional education programs.

You continue to work with your health care team, while benefiting from holistic coaching that empowers you to take action and literally changes your body for the better from the inside-out.
The Diabetes Coach Approach is a win-win
for everyone.

More Getting Started Resources

There is a wealth of useful information in the virtual coaching center to support you whenever you have questions and need answers. A work in progress, the center will continue to change and grow to meet your needs today and tomorrow---we are here when you need us for lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime.

Guide to Virtual Coaching Center Resources

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Since the latest release I have gathered so many new ideas to help with Blood Sugar Control that I updated the entire workbook with more recipes, an updated food plan, and lots of new tips for controlling blood sugars. ORDER The NEWLY REVISED & UPDATED BOOK HERE...

The Workbook is a great way to learn about DCA programs while benefiting from the education and coaching support provided. Whether or not you decide to participate in one of the DCA programs, you will have a lasting coaching guide that will take you to the next level in controlling your blood sugars LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CONTENTS HERE...

Feeling Stuck: Visit our BLOG and get a "mini" coaching session.Here's where I will be sharing practical tips, sweet swaps, guides to favorite foods, product news and more...

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