Meet Janet Sanders, The Blood Sugar & Diabetes Coach

I am a Blood Sugar and Diabetes Coach specializing in healthy weight loss, Reversing and Preventing Type 2 Diabetes and helping clients to make lasting lifestyle changes.

I received my certification as a Certifed Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is the only nutrition school integrating all the different dietary theories— combining the knowledge of traditional philosophies with modern concepts like the USDA food pyramid, the glycemic index, the Zone and raw foods. My training includes a coordinated Certification from Columbia University, and I am also a certified Meditation Teacher.

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My background

Throughout my  career as an attorney and technical change management consultant, I helped organizations implement new technologies to achieve their business objectives using a combination of strategic planning and change management techniques.

Ironically, years later, I called upon these skills to save my own health.

My diabetes story

When I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2001, I was determined to get my blood sugars under control and to manage my diabetes with lifestyle adjustments and minimal medication. In order to turn my health around, I created an eight step Coaching System focusing on diet, exercise and stress management that was based on the types of change management techniques I had used so often to help my corporate clients achieve their goals.

In six months I lost over 30 pounds, dramatically improved my triglyceride levels, reduced my medication, regained my energy, and normalized my blood sugars.


My friends and relatives urged me to share my experience with others. From my own experience I knew that many programs tell you WHAT to do, but few provide guidance on HOW to implement lasting lifestyle changes. To this end, I founded Great Life, Inc. and developed the Diabetes Coach Approach and the LIVE FREE Blood Sugar and Diabetes Coaching System to provide coaching to diabetics and individuals who may not be diabetic but want to improve their overall health.

My Philosophy

The Diabetes Coach Approach and LIVE FREE Coaching System were designed to be very practical. It is important to me that attendees gain practical knowledge that they can use to get results. If we are talking about the benefits of greens and someone in my class has never seen kale before, chances are that I am going to grab some kale and teach them how to cook it before the class is out.

I also provide my clients with recipes and tips on how to shop and plan menus so that they will be encouraged to take what they have learned and use that information to achieve better health.

My publications and programs

I also wanted to be able to share my program with individuals throughout the United States and went on to author The Diabetes Coach Approach Workbook which can be used as a self-guided program or in conjunction with my newest program: Six Weeks to Better Blood Sugar.

Most recently, I founded The Diabetes Coaching Alliance to support the work of health coaches working with diabetic or pre-diabetic clients and to provide an empowering framework for connecting health professionals, diabetics/pre-diabetics, and health coaches throughout the wellness process.

My hope is that the Diabetes Coach Approach provides encouragement and real solutions for individuals seeking to improve their health and well being.

If you would like to achieve your vision of health and well being, contact me for a free consultation and overview of the Great Life Coaching programs.

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Since the latest release I have gathered so many new ideas to help with Blood Sugar Control that I updated the entire workbook with more recipes, an updated food plan, and lots of new tips for controlling blood sugars. ORDER The NEWLY REVISED & UPDATED BOOK HERE...

The Workbook is a great way to learn about DCA programs while benefiting from the education and coaching support provided. Whether or not you decide to participate in one of the DCA programs, you will have a lasting coaching guide that will take you to the next level in controlling your blood sugars LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CONTENTS HERE...

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